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I am The Huntress.


Or so I like to believe.


The Huntress is my alter-ego. In my mind I am a tall, curvy, leggy brunette. I have thick long hair that cascades in perfect waves over my wide shoulders, impressive cleavage to my impossibly tiny waist. I wear a leopard print catsuit or similarly tight super hero outfit. I have a big gun (Chey-tac M400),a big dog (a blood hound called Dali) and a nemesis called The Door Gunner. I stalk the jungles in a humid clime wearing the spikiest of stiletto heels carrying the faintest whiff of talcum powder that is required to get into my inappropriate attire.


In reality I am slightly shop soiled nurse. I have a deep love affair with news and world affairs – being opinionated and ever-so-slightly fiery fuels this affair and turns me into the kind of person who wants to be a super hero, but doesn’t have the figure for the outfit. I have been described as multi-faceted – I have many interests that never quite seem to go together, but means I read widely and try to learn as much as I can on any particular subject. This blog is really just a platform for me to discuss those many facets that appear in news and opinion pieces. The Huntress just presents it better as she has a better outfit.

One Comment
  1. Danny Moss Jnr permalink

    Hello Huntress….What an interesting girl you are…and very beautiful! I’m the double bass player from last night….Would love love to meet you again…I love interesting people… Come hear some jazz with me!

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