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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Ms Jellybonkers’ Guide To Backyard Bra Fitting”

October 6, 2011

It’s a glorious Spring day outside today, so why am I inside facing allergic reactions to headlines rather than facing allergic reactions to pollen and flowers? Who knows but today’s eye-watering symptoms have been induced by with the inflammatory “Kyles Love Child: Exposed Or Publicity Stunt?”, The discharging “TV Show’s On-Air Fart” and The Courier Mail with the rashy “Minister Approves Crack Down On Undies”.

It all makes me want to sneeze violently.

I picked today’s headline as it is definitely a personal rant issue for me, however it is also something that should seriously be considered. Emma Jane laments the loss of experienced bra fitters from our department stores and retail outlets. Few women know what to look for when buying a bra and how a bra should actually fit. As Ms. Jane notes “struggling to suavely de-clip a partner’s brassiere in the boudior is nothing compared to the difficulties experienced when trying to find one that fits properly in the first place. I completely empathise with this as until very recently (within the last 2-3 years) I was only able to buy my size from one or two shops in Australia and generally had no choice but to order from overseas – the perils of being ginourmously (yes, it’s a real word if applied to my cleavage) endowed with a little back.

A well fitted bra does many things – it makes you look slimmer, your clothes sit better and above all it protects your back and makes for good posture. It never ceases to amaze me that women spend so much time and effort on getting shoes that fit correctly but yet will assume that their bra size is a 12C (because it sounds average) and happily wear it with boob overspill, straps riding into the wrong places, causing the back-fat look (even on the most slender of ladies) or shoulder straps falling down or digging in. Being properly fitted is a revelation and it’s a shame women can’t access experienced fitters.

Cue Ms. Jane’s discovery of Ms. Chesticle Jellybonkers (it is assured it is not her real name – I was a wee bit disappointed). Apparently some women out there have mined opportunity to open bra fitting services in their spare rooms as a side line to their lingerie e-businesses. Other than the disconcerting nature of undressing in a complete strangers home, Ms. Jane found she was fitted perfectly with a number of sensible bras, as well as defaulting to some whimsical little lacy numbers. What I would like to see from this is for our department and retail stores to realise that women want and NEED experienced fitters to help them negotiate the mysterious interplay of back/cup sizes (I love the mingled look of shock/horror/fascination when I whisper “10G”) and to educate women how to find a well fitting bra on their own. A good bra makes you look good and feel good – and if you’re lucky someone will want to take it off you. For any ladies who may be interested Bravissimo’s perfect fit guide demystify’s the process.

Now this sexy lady has a well fitting bra – not that you’re likely to notice (picture courtesy of Pleasure State, my current favourite lingerie brand that actually has its models correctly fitted in every picture I’ve seen [unlike many lingerie advertisements] AND even makes scanties in my size!).



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  1. Kate permalink

    Hear, hear! I know how you feel. Imagine how I felt the last time I went into Silk Elegance and there was not one bra in my size. Oh and the look of horror and disbelief when people find out I’m a 10HH. Thank god for bravissimo really!

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