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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “My Crush On A Thinking Man’s Croissant”

September 21, 2011

Today is hump day, which gives many people much to be excited about – except for this Huntress who happens to be on strict rest again. Which gives me plenty of opportunity to cruise for headlines in all their great glory. Such headlines of grandeur for today include “Allan Now One Of The Greats” delivered by AdelaideNow (‘Allan! Allan! Allan! Allan! Allan! Al! Allan! Allan!’ – sorry couldn’t resist that), “Ruby Bares All For Animals” slung out there by The Courier Mail and my favourite lame headline of the day “Locky Horror’s Stitcher Show” dumped upon us by The

I just love how the journalists who write these headlines assume that we actually know who Locky, Ruby and Allan are. Especially when it turns out that it wasn’t Allan at all, but Steve.

I spent many hours today trying to find a suitable headline to write about. I was glad when I chanced across this one from The Australian’s ‘The Wry Side’ for the sad, simple reason that I have been spending much quality time with Fenris (!), my hopeless crush from the game ‘Dragon Age 2’ (yeah, yeah, I know, but aaahhhh, his voice! Oh that voice!). Stephen Lunn talks about women he has been infatuated with previously and his current crush upon Christine Legarde, the recently appointed Managing Director of the International Monetory Fund. Mr. Lunn likes to describe Ms. Legarde as being a kind of ‘thinking man’s croissant’, an equivilent to the ‘thinking girl’s crumpet’, with her ‘stellar career’, alcohol-free, vegan lifestyle and previous stint as part of the French national synchronised swimming team. I’m not too sure about the teetotalling, veganism part, but I can understand how Mr. Lunn might find Ms. Legarde attractive – personally, I’m wondering if it’s something to do with discipline?

But aside from that, Mr. Lunn talks about when he actually met Ms. Legarde at a conference in Melbourne when she was still the French trade minister. He describes her “throaty laugh”, “perfect English with a French lilt” and “flashing eyes” alongside her natural “authority, calmness and control” that was met with a certain femininity. Ms. Largarde, Mr. Lunn asserts, “definitely has something. There’s got to be a word. A certain…I don’t know…”

What is that certain je ne sais quois that some people seem to carry? I’m sure we’ve all met someone who just seems to shine, someone who catches the eye of everyone as they walk into a room, a person who carries their presence and casts a charm over just about everyone they talk to. Whether it’s something that’s visible to anyone but yourself is a different question, but some people really do just have that je ne sais quois. To be so inexplicably drawn to someone for reasons you can’t even understand, be it the way they carry themselves, a gaze they hold or a lingering demeanour…it’s just so…I don’t know…

I think I need to stop there before my mind gets carried away. Sigh.

So, now that I actually think about it there was no actual point to today’s entry. I just felt like writing something (anything!) and this happened to be the best headline I could find. Sorry about that…I suppose I ought to go back to my fictional romancing of Fenris (!).

Not too sure about Fenris being thinking girl’s crumpet, but since when did I claim to be a thinking girl?

(Image credited to artist Alsiony, with thanks to deviantART)


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