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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Controversial New Zealand Doctor Calls Sex Paddock Mating”

July 18, 2011

Ah, sweet Mondays, I love the taste of fresh new headlines that have come straight from…wherever it is that headlines go to die. AdelaideNow have the great honour of featuring with two terrible headlines today, including “Nullarbor Nymph or Nympho?” and “Tuna Millionaire Sued In Fishy Mansion Fight”. I can’t actually decide which is worse, so if someone works it out, please let me know. The and The Courier Mail have the pleasure of jointly featuring today’s third terrible headline of “I Was A Virgin, Says Teen Bride”.


I find today’s headline absolutely intriguing, mainly because I am often mystified by the continuing double standards between male and female sexuality within our society. Gynaecologist, Dr. Albert Makary, has announced that he feels that New Zealand women have become too promiscuous as, according to the Durex Sex Survey, women are having as many as, or in some cases more, sexual partners than men. Dr. Makary has labelled what he believes to be promiscurity as “paddock mating” and is calling not only for a ‘nana revoloution’, but to stigmatise women who do have ‘many’ (does anyone have a quota on how many is too many?) partners in the same way you stigmatise someone for littering.

I’m not too sure about what he thinks the nana revolution might be. My Nan(a) was an exceptionally beautiful dancer and was dating soldiers from 14 and possibly younger.

Not surprisingly Dr. Makary has been met with outrage for his comments about women and their “paddock mating” habits. As a gynaecologist I would not have thought it was Dr. Makary’s place to judge women for who or how many people they had slept with, but rather provide them with medical help and advice. Such as providing pap smears, contraception and advice on how to prevent STI’s.

Ultimately, however, it is nobody’s place to judge anyone for how many partners they choose to have. And OMG guess what?!? Women actually have sex for pleasure too, contrary to some popular belief. If a woman wishes to persue sex for pleasure then why is it seemingly more offensive than a man doing so? Why should it be expected that a woman have less partners than a man? How can we change attitudes towards sex when people in positions of trust, such as Dr. Makary, make such statements that completely debase female sexuality? I don’t care how many teen virgin brides make the headlines, female sexuality is complex and cannot be boxed into any one strict ideal. Be it Desperate Housewives or Housewives at Play (not saying that housewives are fundamental to sex, more just to take 2 extremes and you can slot in everything else that goes in between) there is no particular way of expressing sexuality that is right or wrong for women. It is up to the individual, male or female, to enjoy their sexuality in the way that is right for them, without judgement.

“Just knowing all that potential exists opens up a whole new dimension”. (Stolen from Coco De Mer‘s ‘Coco Club‘)


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  1. Chris permalink

    “women were clocking up higher numbers of sexual partners than their male counterparts”

    What an odd statement to make.
    There is, believe it or not, no set amount of sexual partners that a male has had.
    I find it to be such a strange assumption, that I wonder about this Doctors state of mind…

    • Yep, I found it interesting too, Chris. I hadn’t realised there was a set acceptable quota of sexual partners one should have. Really, who cares? The doctor should be providing a service that emphasises safer sex, not prudence. It is noones place to judge what occurs between consenting adults.

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