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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Once Upon A Time, Being A Princess Didn’t Suck So Much”

July 4, 2011

It’s a brand new week, with all new headlines and the same low standards being peddaled across the nation. I must say that today’s headlines are shining examples of what should NOT be headline news, so a big congratulations to the terrible online news providers for keeping it cheap. Dime-a-dozen budget wares include “Amber In Tears After Explicit Pics Hit Web”, touted by The and “Gale Hits Back: Sandilands Is A Hypocrite” is on offer from And for those who just can’t resist, “Pippa Middleton’s See-Through Dress” is being hawked by the Herald Sun.

And for today only there is a special deal of a free set of steak knives with each headline.

I chose today’s headline as it evoked a very particular, painful memory for me and gave me a sense of relief. When I was three I desperately wanted to be a princess – not unlike most three year old girls. Princesses were beautiful and had long blonde hair and pretty party dresses, why wouldn’t one want to be a princess? However, unlike most three year old girls, I did have a remarkable sense of insight and upon realising that I was neither beautiful, had long blonde hair or a pretty dress my hopes and dreams were dashed. I could never be a princess. It was a stark realisation of disappointment learned at a young age.

This is why I liked today’s headline. Daniela Elser reminded me of some reasons as to why being a princess actually sucks and raises some excellent points. Being a princess well and truly lost its fairytale glitter last week when it was reported that Charlene Wittstock, bride to Prince Albert of Monaco tried to do a runner back to her native South Africa in the days leading up to the wedding. Allegedly, Ms. Wittstock was stopped by authorities at the airport and had her passport confiscated. The palace was contacted and an intermediary was deployed to convince (instruct?) Ms. Wittstock to stay.

How romantic.

So the royal wedding went ahead. Ms. Elser noted it was completed with a performace by Placido Domingo, a dinner by Alain Ducasse and a handmade Armani gown, accessorised with a look of terror and tears. It’s in vogue this season, darling, didn’t you know?

I really liked one particular point Ms. Elser made in her article as to why being a modern day princess is hardly a glossy dream. Using Kate Middleton as an example it is highlighted how an intelligent, university educated woman is now going to be judged for the rest of her life on her ability to pick a stylish hat. How her duty is now to smile charmingly and be pretty. And not to mention to produce the heir and a spare; life is now dictated by duty and the palace. Is it really any wonder Charlene Wittstock was desperate to avoid that fate?

It has made me glad that I gave up the princess dream at the tender age of three. I quite enjoy that I can live life to my rules and not those dictated to me by an ancient house of inbred privilege

Oh, who am I kidding? I want to be a beautiful princess with long, shiny hair, a gorgeous gown and glittery shoes. And a sparkly tiara 🙂



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  1. Kate permalink

    Apparently, part of her reason for doing an attempted runner was that a paternity test came back positive three days before they were due to wed. It is reported that the two had split for a micro second and he got another lady ‘in the family way’. Stylish.

    I always wanted to be a medieval princess, with a tall connical hat that was some lurid colour with a long silk thing sweeping down to the floor and a matching velvet dress. I blame Disney.

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