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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Court Sentences Dog To Death By Stoning”

June 18, 2011

I really, really, really wanted an excellent headline on the riot kiss photo to write about today, but alas the actual headlines just aren’t that great. They’re not that great from the usual suspect news providers either with a seeming focus upon a lady who has something to do with whales. We have an average offering of “Natalia, The Princess Of Whales” from PerthNow, The down the stakes even further with “Icy Beauty Goes Skinny Dipping” and takes the cake with “Naked Diver Tries To Tame Rare Whales”.

Now I don’t know about anyone reading this, but scuba diving is one of two sports I actually indulge in (still trying someone to get into extreme ironing with me). So knowing what I know about cold water, swimming with no protection from the elements and big wild animals suggests to me that Natalia (whoever she is) has become confused with hypothermia and needs medical help, not to feature in nearly all the top five most read news features today.

Moving along to today’s headline which is so seemingly ridiculous I can’t help but hope this is some really bizarre prank. A Rabbinical court in Jerusalem has condemned a dog to death by stoning, as the judges of the court believe the dog is a reincarnation of a secular lawyer whom had insulted the court 20 years previously.


It would seem that the poor dog had entered the Monetary Affairs Court and could not be removed. It was then that a sitting judge that day remembered that a curse had been handed down by the court to the offending lawyer to move the lawyers spirit into the body of a dog – a sentence considered appropriate as traditional Judaism suggests that dogs are impure animals. It was then that the dog was sentenced to death by stoning, but thankfully he managed to escape.

This is all so surreal.

I’m not a lawyer and have done little in the way of legal studies, however my understanding of the justice system is that it is to be based upon solid facts and tangible evidence, not vodou and magic. While I like to think I have the power of magical thinking (see, I told you I could shift the ash cloud for you, Kate!) I just find it really dubious that a court of justice can actually do this. And aside from the WTF moment of magic being used in the sentencing process, what about the cruelty behind stoning a dog to death? While I am overly enthusiastic about our canine friends I find it abhominable that anyone could actually be ok about stoning a dog. I might not be overly affectionate towards our feline friends, but I condemn any acts of cruelty towards them and would always rescue a cat if it meant saving them from a death sentence. Animal cruelty is something I can’t wrap my head around, particularly when not only condoned but ordered by a legal system.

I’d better stop there because I’ll get upset thinking about the poor doggie. I’m just glad it managed to escape. I could feature the riot kiss photo today, but everyone has seen it anyway, so keeping in line with the animal cruelty theme I have a photo of an uber fat squirrel.

Hee hee, I love fat animals!


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  1. Kate permalink

    Maybe we should enter that squirrel on the Biggest Loser, but maybe that really would be far too cruel. How is the magical thinking going on bringing that ash cloud back for tomorrow morning. I think I shall call you the Magical Thinking Guru from now on!

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