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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “You’re A Beautiful (Wo)man But Get Off The Catwalk”

June 16, 2011

It’s been a hard day of work and shoe shopping so now it’s time to wind down with some classically dodgy headlines. Quality material such as “Karl’s The Joke Over Dalai Lama Gag” was brought to us by The, “Hefner’s Girl Plotted To Dump Him At Altar” was thoughtfully put out there by and “Grope For Mate’s Wife Costs Man $26k” was kindly published by The Courier Mail. Truly, I’m devastated by all of this ‘news’. It brings me to tears.

I’m grieving for all those IQ points I just lost.

I was quite chuffed by today’s headline as I’ve recently had a lovely conversation about transgendered men who make beautiful women with one of my colleagues. I also discovered that a guy I once dated in high school is now a woman. I’m not too sure if I was in any way partially responsible for this, but I can’t help but feel he would actually make an attractive woman. Anyway, the author of today’s article, Bridget Ahem, raises an interesting point in relation to androgynous models on the catwalk. Australian catwalk model, Andrej Pejic, is a particularly striking model who has made many appearances on international catwalks for many renowned designers. Slight issue being that Pejic models womenswear but is in fact a man. Hmmm…

There is no denying that Pejic makes an amazingly beautiful woman. Indeed I am incredibly jealous of him and would love to pull off such amazing clothing like he can. But as Ms. Ahem points out Pejic is still a man – a decidedly straight-up-and-down, thin and well, shapeless man. Who wears clothes that are meant to be for women…yeah, something clicked for me too.

While I choose not to read Vogue anymore because it decimates whatever small element of self-worth I have lying around the place, I am not a woman who cries foul at the unattainably thin ladies who parade the clothes I wish I could wear. I understand fashion is largely a fantasy – a fantasy that I covet, but realistically know that no amount of starvation and plastic surgery could ever shoehorn me into. That and I lack natural elegance and grace. But aside from that I am a woman. A real woman. One who has ‘more dangerous curves than a Formula One racetrack’ (I stole that line from Maggie Alderson). And all of a sudden it makes the dream of being amazing in a gorgeous frock even further away – because now I have to be a man to be gorgeous in a frock.

No wonder so many of us women are losing hair over not being able to live up to a standard. Because the standard is now to be a man in a frock. And I hate it when men look better in my clothes than I do, it just seems so unfair. I could go into a rant about how the fashion industry is irresponsible for promoting that this is what beauty is but I do realise I know better. Fashion is a form of expression from an artist, nothing more, nothing less. We should not be using an artists creativity as a benchmark for how we feel we should look, rather we should just enjoy it for the show. I like it better that way, because then I can continue to enjoy the wonderment of Andrej Pejic.

Damnit, the lad is hot!


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