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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “‘Psychic Sheep’ Saved Shepherds Life”

June 14, 2011

I was rather uninspired by the headlines yesterday, which made me a bit sad as I desperately wanted one to write about. On the supposed bright side the terrible headlines were still kicking around and are continuing on today. are scraping the barrel with “Death By Burger And Milkshake For Rachel” and The Courier Mail are draining the dregs of the bottle with “Cougar All Alone After Toy Boy Split”. I must admit I kind of like PerthNow’s offering of “Woman Kicks Cowardly Robber In The Groin”, even if it barely rates as bring a newsworthy headline.

I need a drink.

While today’s headline is somewhat dubious I could not help but delve into it. I felt safe about this as it was featured on The Australian, as opposed to The Herald Sun, in which case it would have made the top three terrible headlines of the day. It turns out that Alfie the normally unaggressive Cotswold sheep became somewhat agitated one day with his owner, Emma Turner. Ms. Turner was attempting to give Alfie some medication and he chose to repeatedly headbutt her in the chest (I know humans who have done that too). This in turn lead to a large bruise upon Ms. Turners chest, further leading to the discovery of a lump which was found to be an early breast cancer. Alfie is now being credited with being psychic and saving Ms. Turner’s life.

Now I am somewhat a sceptic of the concept of Alfie being a psychic sheep. Don’t get me wrong, I really like sheep and think they make rather charming pets, but I have the feeling that Alfie was being stubborn about being given some (likely disgusting) medication, leading to the headbutting of the administrator of the medication. More a ‘stroke of luck’ than anything that alerted Ms. Turner to a problem lump in her breast. Not saying that this wasn’t a good thing, but I like to take these kinds of opportunities to plug good healthcare campaigns and this is where the ‘Feel Your Boobies’ campaign steps in.

Now I don’t know many people who don’t like boobs. I do know for a fact that a lot of people do like boobs because being rather, ahem, generously endowed myself my boobs attract a lot of attention. And funnily enough I do get a lot of people who want to feel my boobs, but that’s mainly other ladies who want to see if they actually are real. But that’s not the kind of boobie feeling this campaign is after. The ‘Feel Your Boobies’ campaign encourages women (and their significant others) to ‘feel their boobies’ and simply be aware of how they feel, allowing them to be able to detect any unusual lumps. The old adage of self checking once a month or going to your GP for a check up was simply not working – why? Because ‘breast self-examination’ is boring (it even sounds way too clinical), breast tissue changes with monthly hormonal fluctuations so normal lumps and bumps can appear and disappear at different times of the month and very few women out there actually relish the idea of a formal breast examination. Or having to go out and buy a psychic sheep. Feeling your boobies is so much more fun.

The ‘Feel Your Boobies’ campaign encourages women to be breast aware and take responsibility and control over their own health. It’s completely cool and you don’t need to find room for your new pet sheep.

Excuse me while I go and feel my boobies…you should do it too…


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