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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Addicted To Cheap, Sordid Scandals”

June 11, 2011

I hope everyone has had a good kickoff to this weekend and that it continues in good spirits. My spirits were doing rather well until I spied such headlines as “That’s Not A Plank…This Is A Plank”, “Rats The Size Of Possums’ Invade Suburbs” and “German Passenger Strips Naked On Flight” all courtesy of The quality of the news definitely declines its from its usual dismal state into a rather appalling territory over weekends, which is fuelling my fire for today’s excellent headline.

I started writing The Huntress vs. The Headline for a few reasons. My original writing project, a joint effort, ‘The Huntress vs. The Door Gunner’ began to stagnate as The Door Gunner began to gently decline into mental illness (translate PhD thesis) and while I created a new project on my own, ‘The Huntress vs. The Contractor’ I found it difficult to put what was in my head on to paper. The Huntress vs. The Headline was born while trying to entertain myself while injured at home. I would read the news everyday and be amazed by the general proverbial people are willing and wanting to consume. Yep, the masses are ‘addicted to cheap, sordid scandals’.

Mike Stuchbery is the author of today’s piece and is a wonderful voice of reason on the ABC’s ‘The Drum’. His article explores the depths some journalists are plummeting to to feed a demand for gossip from a consumer mass. Mr. Stuchbery has used the example of the ‘St. Kilda Schoolgirl’ affair to highlight how cheap news has become. I can hold my head high on this one and say I haven’t followed the affair myself and can’t directly comment as I know very little about it. But what I do know is that in selling this story a lot of self respect, pride and dignity has been taken from those directly involved within the affair.

What I dislike most about these scandals, aside from the fact that I abhor gossip in all forms, is that they detract from real newsworthy affairs that genuinely are in the interest of the public. For example while people are pondering the plight of the AFL industry and a young girl they may or may not have been involved with, such other stories in the news today have included pro-democracy protesters have been fired upon by helicopter gunships to disperse their protest in Syria. A drug trial has found a new medication that can be used to extend the remission period of ovarian cancer sufferers by up to 8 months by researchers at Royal Melbourne Hospital. United States defence secretary, Robert Gates, is currently questioning if NATO has a future, particularly due to current funding arrangements. But for some bizarre reason people prefer ‘news’ such as “Khloe Kardashian’s TV Nipple-Slip” (The

I am grateful for Mr. Stuchbery’s piece as sometimes I feel a bit alone in my pursuit for real news. I am interested to know what’s going on in the world, not who wore what where and 100 ways to lose 10 kilos. I am also interested in getting one of these t-shirts:

I don’t actually wear t-shirts, but the sentiment of this shirt is something that is very close to my heart. So always be kind to nurses!


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  1. Chris permalink

    I very much understand.
    It is one of the reasons I liked watching Hungry Beast.
    Thank all things good for the ABC.

    Ps. Is that shirt available in not pink?

  2. I am certainly grateful to the ABC!

    Yes, the shirt is available in a range of colours and they do ladies and mens sizes. They have a whole range of specialities as well, which are completely awesome. All available here:

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