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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Talk About Your Tackle? There’s No Point Beating Around The Bush”

May 26, 2011

I always feel a bit bemused when cruising for my top terrible headlines of the day and today is no exception. Why, oh why do people want to read “Be Ruthless, Ricky” by The or “Katy’s Diva Demands Revealed” from The Courier Mail? I am truly expressing wonderment at headlines such as “Dayne Beam’s Big Dipper” by  the Herald Sun. Honestly, I try not to be judgemental but I just don’t understand the reading material of others.

I guess I should really be wondering why anyone would read this too. But hypocrisy is just prejudice with a halo. And I’m holding on to my halo in this respect.

Today’s headline is great – not just for the fact it’s an interesting headline, but it is a fantastic initiative being put forward to promote men’s health. Healthcare happens to be my profession and I do believe men’s health has been overlooked a little while some of us crazy feminists have been campaigning for women’s health initiatives. Which is unfair and now it is time to start getting some good male health awareness campaigns up and running – such as ‘Talk About Your Tackle’.

Men are notoriously poor at expressing their healthcare needs (sorry guys, but it’s true!) and when it comes to reproductive health, well, they’re even worse. The ‘Talk About Your Tackle’ campaign is trying to address this by encouraging men to talk amongst themselves and to their doctor about their ‘tackle’. This great little ad by Andrology Australia highlights how awkward it is to get talking about something so deeply personal, but notes that the longer you say nothing’s wrong the more likely your doctor will be able to do nothing to help you. Scary thought.

The figures on male reproductive health are also a bit scary. About half of all men will experience prostate problems, one in five men over 40 will have erectile dysfunction issues, approximately one in 20 men are infertile and about one in every 200 men will have testosterone deficiency. That’s a lot of men with tackle problems, so chances are if you start talking about it you’ll find you’re not so alone. It might be embarrassing to begin with, but believe me, we’ve seen it all in healthcare and it’s just another day on the job to us.

The other issue which I would just like to highlight (now that I’m onto boring promotional healthcare stuff, sorry!) is that quite often declining reproductive health can be indicative of other underlying health problems that need to be addressed, such as heart disease or diabetes. So quit saying nothing’s wrong and talk about your tackle! I insist!

I’ll stop ranting now, but I feel better I’ve done a nice bit of health promotion for the day.

So guys, if you have a problem get to your doctor and talk about your tackle!


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