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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Forget Bob Geldof: This Is Why You Don’t Like Mondays”

May 24, 2011

I desperately wanted to to get this headline up here yesterday, but sadly I ran out of time. Reason being that I have previously wondered how long it would take for articles on Pippa Middleton’s bottom to reappear, and it would seem that it didn’t take very long at all. However the headline is no longer in the top 5 lists of the terrible online news providers, so I have to make do with others instead. But with headlines such as “Rogue Zumba Operators In Crosshairs” from PerthNow, “Hello Ladies, Is This The Best Plank Ever?” by The Courier Mail and “Lindsay, That’s A Wardrobe Malfunction” with thanks to, I can be reassured that the standards have not been raised. Phew!

I really enjoyed today’s article from my new favourite website. Before I start I just want to tell everyone how fantastic it is. It’s called The Conversation and it is “an independant source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector”. Experts write their academic pieces, which are then edited by professional journalists to make the information accessable to everyone. It’s a highly credible source and I thoroughly recommend it.

Back to today’s headline, which got me excited for a couple reasons – it’s a cool headline and it’s about physiology. I’m sold.

This article quite deftly explains how some of us suffer the dreaded ‘Mondayitis’ and a little about the ‘early bird’ and ‘night owl’ phenomena. As a dedicated night owl I tend to enjoy these kinds of articles. Why? Being a night owl comes with what I believe are many benefits. The night sky is beautiful, it’s cooler at night and being a shift worker it makes night shifts a breeze. What I don’t like about being a night owl is the superiority early birds seem to feel they have over night owls. Something to do with catching worms I believe, but that’s ok, I don’t want worms anyway. And as the great Oscar Wilde once said “only dull people are brilliant at breakfast”.

So, how does it all work? At the risk of being boring to normal people (but I get so excited by anatomy and physiology!) we all have an internal ‘body clock’ which is called the circadian rhythm. Your body clock tells you when it wants to be awake, when it wants to be alert and when it wants to be asleep. As irritating as it may seem at times, we are slaves to our body clocks – especially on those mornings when you want to sleep in, but you wake up at a ridiculous hour anyway. But if you do have the luxury of a sleep in it is at your own peril. Sleeping in ‘resets’ your circadium rhythm to a new pattern, so come Monday and your usual waking hour is now far earlier than what your body clock is set to. Hence the crappy feelings that seem to set in on Monday mornings.

I’m going to stop there because I’m at risk of launching into a whole array of circadian rhythm drivel. On a different and more warm and fuzzy note I came across this picture from an article entitled “The World’s Worst Hunting Dog?”


The poor hapless hound. He is rather lovely…ineffective, but lovely.


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