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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “US Authority Prepares For Zombie Invasion”

May 19, 2011

I have to say today that the headlines are rather predictable and boring from our “top” news providers. When I say boring there seems to be three subjects being recycled and when I say predictable the subject matter contains Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shane Warne and planking. I can’t quite bring myself to pick the worst ones out of the ones on offer, BUT I was sent some great headlines this morning so I will substitute for those. “Atheists Offer Pet Help After Judgement Day” is a decent offering from, “Tights, Jeggings, Leggings. They’re All Pants” is a wonderfully insightful article from The Punch and my favourite also from The Punch is “Go The Fuck To Sleep. What Parents’ Really Want To Say…”.

Because I suffer from Foot In Mouth disease I am going to own up to having used that headline myself before. But everything is ok when used in moderation, right?

I chose today’s headline for a number of reasons. As mentioned previously it is Zombie Awareness Month and the Zombie Awareness Society is encouraging people to wear a grey ribbon to “signify the undead shadows that lurk behind our modern light of day”. Excellent cause. I also chose it because it turns out the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are on to a brilliant idea.

CDC released a blog entry entitled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocolypse” which is a guide written by Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan on how to prepare for an onslaught of “flesh eating zombies”. Guidelines include having an emergency kit of food, water and supplies such as a first aid kit, a torch and batteries and devising an emergency plan with the family which can enacted upon the crisis.

And you know what? If there happens to be a cyclone (or hurricane, depending on where you’re from) or flood or earthquake, well you can utilise the plan then too, so you’re always prepared.

The CDC really came up with an eye-catching and inventive way to get families to sit down and plan how they would act in the case of an emergency. We all know zombies aren’t going to happen, but it’s so much more fun preparing for a zombie attack and pretending you’re Shaun of the Dead or playing Black Ops Zombies than thinking about wind speeds and rainfall. Having lived in very remote Australia in a cyclone region for many years it does get tiresome wondering if the cyclone screens are going to work against 220 km/hr winds. But can they be penetrated by flesh eating zombies? Best I go out there and make sure!

So I thought that was kind of cool and sensible. As sensible as the tights are not pants campaign. And shying away from sensibility as it’s not my natural habitat, I stumbled across this excellent drawing of Fenris on Facebook.

I don’t know who the artist is, so I can’t give credit to them, but I found it on the Fenris fan page. Whoever they are they made my heart beat a bit faster with this. Yeah, yeah, I know I need to get back to work ASAP…but in the meantime…


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