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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “An Assassination Has Hijacked My Brain”

May 5, 2011

Today I have been rewarded with some seriously fantastic headlines. They were few and far between but those that shone are absolutely brilliant. Today’s bronze medal goes to the Herald Sun for “Beat The Hell Out Of Him, Then Shoot” (I actually think that is THE most credible headline out there, come to think of it). Silver is awarded to The Courier Mail for continuing hysteria over Pippa Middleton’s bottom with “You Want Pippa’s Bum? Get It Here”. Today’s gold medal is well deserving for actually being a brilliant headline (I know, I know, it’s not how it works, but I love this) and it goes to for “Man In Bra, Panties ‘Stabbed Goat'”.

I must confess I actually read today’s gold winning article because the headline was excellent and it would have been rude not to read it. I actually went to Google images to see if I could find a picture to represent said chappy in ladies small’s with bath salts, a knife and a goat, but all I could find was the offending chap’s mugshot. I should have just gone straight to ‘Mugshot of the Day’.

Now that I’ve lost all credibility (if I ever actually had any) I can get down to today’s headline, which has raised some issues I have been mulling over in recent days since the assassination of Osama bin Laden. This opinion piece by Lehan Ramsay highlights some issues that seem to have been ignored by many people and become increasingly relevant as more details emerge about the US raid upon the bin Ladens’ compound in Pakistan. First of all, just because someone is the world’s most wanted it doesn’t make it ok to assassinate them. There is a very fine line between vengeance and justice and this assassination reeks of vengeance – if bin Laden had been brought in, charged, stood trial, found guilty and then executed one could at least say justice had prevailed. Vengeance is no cause for assassination and lowers the USA down to the level of Al-Qaeda. I would have liked to have thought western democracies were better than that.

Secondly, Dr. Ramsay notes the crowing, victorious manner being used by US officials to announce they’d got the baddie. Is any death ever really a victory? Assassination is simply what it is – there’s no ‘good’ assassination and there is no ‘bad’ assassination. We seem to have hit an incredibly slippery slope that may accelerate now that the US has discovered they can just knock off whoever they like with seemingly few repercussions, which brings me to my third point.

For those who don’t know I have followed the Wikileaks case quite intently since the beginning of November last year. I have a lot of admiration for Julian Assange and what he setting out to achieve. Since the mass release of US embassy cables at the end of November last year by Wikileaks, Mr. Assange has been a target of the US government, with many calling to not only ‘bring him to justice’ but also calls for his assassination. It is worthy noting that to date he cannot be charged with any crime under Australian or US law, but yet he is percieved as being a high tech ‘threat’ to US ‘security’. Should we accept it as willingly as the death of bin Laden if Mr. Assange was also assassinated by the US? Can the US really live with its moral identity if it continues to simply assassinate those perceived as a threat? Is Australia going to sit by and continue to support the US in all this ugliness? Dr. Ramsay certainly feels uncomfortable with with the corruption of our moral identities, as do I.

I realise some people feel very strongly one way or another about the death of bin Laden, but personally, like Dr. Ramsay I feel very strongly about the distasteful and shameful manner in which this whole story has been presented. Sometimes both sides behave poorly, as it seems to have occured in this situation. Vengeance does not constitute justice and I predict western society shall see repercussions due to this.

To end on a more interesting note and to leave the really heavy stuff aside I can recommend this production of Rap News by The Juice media. This particular episode features Julian Assange, making it even cooler!

This image really says it all…


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  1. Lehan Ramsay permalink

    Hey, very cool to be quoted. But I am a Ms! (Also a Dr)

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