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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Donald Ducks For Cover During Obama Roast”

May 2, 2011

Some cracking headlines are gracing our crap online news providers top reads today. Choice articles include “He’s Not Awkward He’s My Fan” by the Herald Sun, “A House of Hangovers” courtesy of The Daily and “Pippa Middleton’s Bottom Gets 24,000 Fans” with thanks to PerthNow.

I’m not too sure what I think about Pippa Middleton’s bottom, but I wouldn’t have thought it was headline news. But I suppose there are always new depths to be plundered by journalists.

I really enjoyed todays headline for a number of reasons. One, Donald Trump is a loser who deserved to be roasted by someone; watching that roasting being delivered by Obama was just infinitely satisfying. Two, it highlighted exactly how low some Americans will go to discredit a leader they don’t like – obviously it is far easier to cast doubt on where they were born, rather than actually focus upon government priorities and policies. Three, there is nothing I love more than a shit stirrer being forced to take as good as they give and just not being able to do so. Watching someone with an ego the size of Texas being taken down because of their own stupidity is such a special moment. Some footage of this can be seen here.

It’s easy to see where Trump went wrong with his ‘birther’ campaign. He simply overestimated his own intelligence and overlooked the fact that Obama is actually a very astute fellow. Trump also overestimated his own power – did he think he was invincible in all of this? It notes that his expectation was that he wouldn’t even be mentioned in Obama’s address, or was it that he had hoped he wouldn’t be mentioned. Especially when he has behaved like such a prize idiot. Seth Myers summed it up nicely with his statement “Donald Trump has been saying he’ll run for president as a Republican, which is surprising since I’d assumed he was running as a joke”. Nice, very nice.

I also very much enjoyed Obama’s take on what the White House would become if Trump was president. Here is ”Trump. The White House’.

Note the ladies in bikini’s frolicking in the White House fountain and the addition of a casino and golf course. Maybe the addition of Pippa Middleton’s bottom would add a certain joie de vivre?


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