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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “The Burger Musician And The Drive-Through Single”

April 14, 2011

Yesterday was rather slow for headlines (well that’s my excuse, it’s nothing to do with Fenris), but today they have been coming through. has presented “I’m Not Pregnant, I Just Run That Way”, The Courier Mail brought “Smelly Loos, Vermin In High School” to readers and The Telegraph gave us “You Want Fries With That?”.

If one of these online so-called news providers ever actually start featuring some news I think I will fall off my couch in shock.

I absolutely love today’s headline as it is an issue very close to my own heart. George Galanis explores the issue of the lack of talent found in today’s musicians and the general sub-standard quality of music being produced by these so-called artists. Music has declined into the territory of the Big Mac – fast, cheap and low quality but wrapped up in some shiny packaging and one hell of a marketing promotion to satisfy the demand of modern consumers and their desire for celebrity gossip.

It has been a long term gripe of mine that the music industry has been taken over by thin, apparently attractive people who can’t actually sing or play an instrument, but can sell albums by not wearing any clothes and writhing on the floor. While the music industry had to change the way it sold music to consumers, long term investment is no longer being made in bands whom actually foster some talent and can inspire a generation. I remember a time when music wasn’t about someone being a performing artist who was considered to be visually perfect but when it was about soul, reaching out to your listeners and bringing them a message – and if a musician could do that, goddamnit we found them attractive anyway and they became deity’s within their own right. Galanis brings up names such as Freddy Mercury, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. We can also think of musicians such as Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler or more modern groups such as Nirvana, Oasis and my own personal favourite band Manic Street Preachers. Where did all the talent go?

I find it inherently depressing that so few real bands seem to make it these days – do music companies even employ talent scouts anymore? The old school story of the rise to fame with bands playing in back street pubs to the manager and his dog with a dream in their heart that one day people will buy their records and listen to their story seems like a romance that is well and truly over. We can only hope that undiscovered talent will still have the opportunity to make it in today’s fickle world.

On a happy note I was very excited to discover this particular band about 3 or 4 years ago. Okkervil River come from Austin, Texas and are a six piece band that play real instruments like guitars, keyboards and drums and even the mandoline makes an appearance. Here are some of my favourite songs:

Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe

Westfall – this song has great mandoline.

Another Radio Song

So here’s to legendary music! May the future bring us more!


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