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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Pizza And Cookies Join Forces”

March 31, 2011

So today has been a bit of a slow day in the world of real news affairs. Some curious articles continued to present however, with such items of big interest as “Reality Of Farmer Wants Wife Far From Truth” presented by PerthNow and “Witness Tells – Why Benji Snapped” is up there with The readers. However the top curious item of the day goes to “Anger Over ‘I Can’t Pronounce That Shit'” thoughtfully brought to us by the Herald Sun.

Slow news day indeed.

I have been a bit stumped to present a good headline from my regular news websites such as ABC News and The Australian today, so I’ve taken a different approach. Today’s article is from one of my favourite food website’s As I have previously mentioned I’m a bit of a chowhound (Thanks for the offer on the placenta, Shayla!) and I thoroughly enjoy one particular writer on James Norton is The Supertaster – tasting and testing junk/convenience food products so you don’t have to. Pure genius.

I quite enjoyed this particular Supertaster piece about a brand of frozen pizza that came with frozen cookies. The premise being that you bake the pizza and while you are eating the pizza you bake the cookies so you can enjoy ‘oven-fresh chocolate chip cookies for dessert after your nice, balanced dinner of bread, preserved meat and cheese’. The genius behind The Supertaster is that he KNOWS the average citizen is NOT going to follow box instructions so actually tested three methods of preparing said convenience food.

Method one entailed following the instructions on the box and baking the cookies after the pizza.

Method two is the one most people are likely to follow and that is to bake the pizza and the cookies in the oven at the same time.

Method number three is the most dubious, but certainly not unplausible method, especially after consuming a large amount of alcohol and being unable to get to a kebab shop. This method placed the cookies directly on top of the pizza so that while it cooked the cookies ‘fused’ into the cheese of the pizza. Apparently results were surprisingly ok and I even managed to track a picture down on The Supertasters Facebook page.

While I’m in no hurry to go out and attempt to make dodgy student food at home, I commend and pay tribute to The Supertaster for bravely going places that none of us should have to. Aside from the fact I don’t really want to negotiate convenience foods for myself (as I don’t really eat them) I really enjoy reading his articles. Especially because they provide me with some kind of headline on a slow news day.


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