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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Sex Game Killer Admits Killing Again”

March 28, 2011

After a bit of stagnation in the headlines over the weekend I am happy that the new week has provided me with some cracking reads. “Don’t Kill The Golden Geese” is entertaining Herald Sun readers, readers are enjoying “Ballerina Says Natalie is a Dancing Fake” and The Courier Mail readers are notably concerned about “Kidmans Eye Contact Ban”.

I am notably concerned about where my IQ is heading.

As some of you may, or may not know I am a Registered Nurse when I’m not being The Huntress. Which means when I read articles such as today’s headline of interest there is only one thing that goes through in my mind – if one has an interest such as erotic asphyxiation wouldn’t you want to learn first aid?

It’s not for me to judge what goes on between consenting partners behind closed doors as long as it is within legal boundaries. But I cannot help but wonder how the defendant, David Richard Fraser, managed to claim that his first victim, Shaine Moore ‘unexpectedly lost consciousness’. Bearing in mind that Mr. Moore had tightened a shoe lace around his neck and requested that Fraser perform erotic ASPHYXIATION upon him, I would have thought that loss of consciousness would have been a side effect of that particular act.

Just a thought, mind you.

I can only hope that Mr. Moore died doing something he found pleasurable. I also would have hoped that Fraser would have learned from the loss of his lover and a previous conviction for manslaughter that particpating in such a risky act would call for some safeguards. Such as learning first aid, which teaches people how to resuscitate an unconscious person. I don’t know if Fraser felt that using a belt around his second victims neck would have prevented death, but obviously it did not. Fraser was also still on parole at the time his second lover was murdered, which really makes me wonder what was going on in his head. Maybe he too had been deprived of oxygen for a moment or so too long himself, which has affected his ability to reason.

This brings a whole new meaning to unsafe sex.

I don’t know what Fraser intends to do with his time in prison as he has now pleaded guilty to murder and is awaiting sentencing. I hope he is offered a course in first aid and reads an online article about how to reduce the risks involved with erotic asphyxiation (they’re out there, I checked!). As for everyone else reading this I thoroughly recommend you take a course in Senior First Aid, regardless of your sexual practices. It only takes 2 days to complete and you could potentially save a life one day – or as for Fraser could have prevented a life sentence in prison.


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  1. Velvet Miss permalink

    Mr Fraser clearly had no understanding, or wishes to understand, a basic fetish slogan: Safe, Sane, Consensual. You really shouldn’t try risker sex games without thoroughly understanding all risks and ways to negate those risks. As you have mentioned there are plenty of resources out of there, and also kink communities who can and will teach you to do things properly.

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