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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Beauty and the Bodgie’s Charm Offensive”

March 25, 2011

I’m sure there are many people who are relieved today is Friday. I am personally relieved that there are people out there who continue to entertain me with their choice of news reading. Today’s top-notch headlines include The Daily Telegraph’s “Christina Was Saved by an Eel”,’s “Bingle in Deep Water After Point’s Bungle” and of course an elusive penis article; PerthNow readers are captivated by “Exposed – Which Race Has The Biggest Penis”.

I’m not even going there.

It’s pretty obvious that I don’t really like gossip, but seeing as it’s Friday and we all want something a bit lighter to read I am boldly going somewhere I have never been before. I was really glad when this headline was featured in todays The Australian as this photo was also published yesterday and I can’t help but be mezmerised by it.

Phew! Can anyone else feel the tension? It was certainly noted within the The Australian’s article that there was ‘an obvious chemistry between the pair’ and gushing compliments such as ‘intelligence’, ‘compassion’ and ‘enormous courage’. (I suppose PerthNow has something to say on all things enormous, but I did say I wasn’t going there) were made. Annnnnddddd that’s about as far as I can take the gossip stuff. Like I say I just found this picture completely mezmerising

I ought to confess at this stage that I don’t really know very much about NSW politics. I’d like to make an interesting thoughtful comment, but other than the excuse of dumb-down Friday I am really in no position to comment. So here is another headline I enjoyed reading: “Woman, 92, ‘shot at man over kiss snub'”. It is being alleged by a Florida man that his 92 year old neighbour shot into his house when he refused to kiss her. I find this to be sexual harrassment on quite a large scale and it’s not like the elderly woman who fired the shots is in a position to claim pre-menstrual syndrome was an influencing factor. Trying to bring a small amount of credibility into today’s blog  there has been much discussion within the media recently of men who are victims of violence perpetrated by women. It’s a difficult issue to bring light to as many men who have been the victims of violence incurred by women find it difficult to admit to and often don’t want to report it for fear of being ridiculed. Hell hath no fury aside, violence is unacceptable and the victim should never be ridiculed or blamed. We should be able to protect and nurture people affected by violence, regardless of sex or situation and ensure their safety. I have no idea how this gentleman is going to handle his situation, but my advice is to move. Probably to NSW where he can be fascinated by Kenneally and Hawke. Or wherever it is that people have large penises.


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