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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Navy Chief Gets Tough With Drunken Sailors”

March 24, 2011

Some extremely high quality headlines have been featured in todays news. Who could fail to be interested in such riveting articles as “Elias to Bookie – You’re a Maggot”, courtesy of The Daily Telegraph, “Cheeky Tennis Poser Comes Clean” featured in The Courier Mail and “World Penis Map a Web Sensation” with thanks to The Herald Sun.

I actually think I have managed to get the word penis into every blog entry I have done so far (except maybe yesterday’s, though I feel Barnett would make for an excellent substitute penis). I could have some fun with this.

Now removing focus from penises to todays headline – what shall we do with the drunken sailors? The ABC reports that investigations into Australia’s navy found a culture of predatory sexual behaviour, linked to the abuse of alcohol. Such behaviour included putting a bounty upon the sexual conquest of a female sailor, which then lead to using alcohol as a tool to get female sailors to be more compliant with sexual requests through the use of drinking games.

My, my aren’t the young Australians who represent our country a wholesome bunch?

While ‘larrakinism’ (I know it’s not a word, I made it up, but I’m sure you get what it means) has long been a part of the Australian legend, particularly among ANZAC’s, there comes a time when you stop being a larrakin and start becoming a twat. Getting drunk, having a good time and playing harmless jokes is being a larrakin. Deliberately getting a person drunk because you know they will consent to a request whilst under the influence that they wouldn’t while sober is being a twat. Thankfully, the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Russ Crane has recognised he has an army of twats and is giving them the opportunity to step up and do something about it – you can’t have rights without responsibilities and if you can’t step up to your responsibilities then you lose your rights. Simple.

It’s not dissimilar to parenting a small, tricky child.

By tackling alcohol abuse the navy is also hoping to have additional positive outcomes, particularly in relation to obesity in the navy. I think this is very important, not only due to health concerns, but uniform concerns – there’s something about a man in uniform, but I think they kind of lose it if they’re drunk, obese and gambling on who shags who first. Not a pretty picture for our navy.

Speaking of pretty pictures I was sent this yesterday – I think it’s kind of cool.

I’m not too sure if they’d look better in uniform, but hey, I’m not one to criticise.


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One Comment
  1. Lachlan Slade permalink

    Love that picture btw, saw it on Tumblr but a few days ago!

    I would give them another name other than twat, just personally! Twat would be somebody who does something stupid and immoral in my books. I think we have the immorality part covered with twat, but we also need something that encapsulates the illegality of their actions. Criminal maybe?

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