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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Capitalism May Have Ended Life On Mars: Chavez”

March 23, 2011

So, cruising todays headlines revealed some food for thought. PerthNow readers have dumped Suri Cruise in favour of “Female Butcher’s Topless Calender Hopes”, AdelaideNow readers are notably concerned about “School Mistress Sex Crimes Sentence” and The Daily Telegraph has a mysterious headline entailing “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s Mel’s Brother”.


After listening to Mr. Huntress laughing at my socialist tendencies (it’s no secret I swing left) at dinner last night I was quite chuffed by this headline on the ABC today. Venezuela’s socialist President, Hugo Chavez, speculates that life on Mars may have been decimated by capitalism. Being that yesterday was World Water Day Chavez thought that it was timely to remind people that water is precious (which it is), that life may have once existed on Mars (possible) and that perhaps capitalism arrived on Mars and finished it off (unlikely).

This is probably really rude, but the stereotype I think of when thinking of Venezuelan people is that of vapid beauty queens.

As I mentioned it is no secret amongst my friends and family that I have a tendency to swing left, as embarrassed as they may be to admit that about me. I can outrightedly say that I do not believe that capitalism is responsible for the extinction of life upon Mars, but as evidenced by Gaddafi recently, sound mental health is not necessarily a quality found in all political leaders. I do believe, however, that capitalism is responsible for the declining funding into public health, education and welfare availabilty.

Most people are aware of the 3% cuts across the budget ordered by Liberal Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett in 2009. Further cuts were made on top of this and as I work in healthcare I can say with absolute confidence that the front line of healthcare was affected, despite reassurances in the media that it wasn’t. When the efficiency drive was over the budget was never fully reinstated and now he wants to build a freaking sports stadium!!! This is when I find capitalism inappropriate – yes a sports stadium would be nice, I won’t say it isn’t a good thing for our state, but it’s not a good idea when our health system (and other departments such as education) are in desperate need of more funding. Chavez may find capitalism responsible for the demise of life on Mars; I find it responsible for inadequate essential services being delivered to the people who pay taxes for them.

I hope Barnett enjoys sitting in his stadium while beds are being closed in our hospitals.

This is just an addit post publishing the above that I couldn’t resist. The Australian reports about Boris, the frowning pig who is getting a brow lift to clarify his vision.

I find Boris rather lovely. I can’t help but wonder if a brow lift would aid Barnett to see clearly also…


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  1. Paulie chef permalink

    Boris. Now I know a better way to “help” him. Or should I say “roast”

    As for the real news. Bloody sport. It takes preference over everything. Bloody hell

  2. Kate permalink

    Yes some extra funding into the public system would be lovely. Especially considering the average funding per child at a government school is $150, compared to several thousand in the private system. It is no wonder there is lack of confidence in the public system when we are trying to compete with that! How do you compare every child in a class having a laptop and all the latest technology, to one where the teachers have out of date textbooks and a whiteboard, or blackboard? It is ridiculous!

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