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The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Accused Killer Ate Human Flesh”

March 22, 2011

I have learned much in the infancy stage of my blogging career. People seem to like Suri Cruise and her penises much more than Julia Gillard. In all fairness though, it is easy to like anything more than Julia Gillard at the moment, even the demon spawn of Scientologists and her male unmentionables.

So, whilst on my headline hunt of the day this particular one piqued my interest. Probably for all the wrong reasons. As a bit of a Chowhound I can’t help but wonder what human flesh tastes like (readers, please note that even I have my limits and will not be embarking on this foodie related venture). Probably chicken. Though I can gather that there’s no point asking this particular young man, as judging by the information given in the article, he would seem to be completely insane.

As am I for wondering what human flesh would taste like. Maybe I can ask someone who has eaten their placenta.

Now onto the headline I really wanted to discuss today, with a far less intriguing headline than one related to cannibulism. The Samoan Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegao, has attracted some criticism with his choice of cabinet members as seen in this article in The Australian today. Somehow, Malielegao feels that he has achieved a “just right” gender balance within his chosen cabinet of 12 men and 1 woman. Not only that, he also feels 1 woman is “more than enough”.


In this particular case elected members of parliament include 34 men and 2 women. Malielegao feels that he has done well in chosing to put 1 woman into his cabinet as that equates a 50% representation of women in his parliament. A rather unfortunate interpretation. Though I think it is fair to note that the woman who did make it into the cabinet is now responsible for the justice portfolio – which is far better than the usual crap childcare portfolio that women always seem to get stuck with in Australia.

So why is it that the Samoan PM doesn’t really want women in his cabinet? What is it that women do differently to men when responsible for a portfolio? What policies are in place to ensure that girls and young women do receive equal access to education and training so that a better, representational balance is achieved? Or has Samoa miraculously achieved a 12:1 ratio of men to women without me noticing it?

I can’t help but feel affronted when I see headlines such as this. I, in no way, feel any less capable than a man who has had similar education, qualifications and experience as myself. Men and women each have their own strengths to bring to any position well beyond lifting heavy objects and multi-tasking. Both sexes work great as a team and it’s time attitudes changed so we can work this.

It’s got to be more productive than wondering what human flesh tastes like.


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  1. Chris permalink

    I always thought that human flesh would taste more pork like than chicken like.
    How often have I thought about the taste of humans?
    Shut up. That’s how often.

    But, on another note, Minister for Justice is a very progressive title, considering the usual crap female ministers get dumped with…
    But maybe in Samoa, women are some kind of super being, where one female is at least the intellectual equivalent of 12 males.

    And seriously, having met some “average” men, is that really that hard to believe?

  2. Shayla permalink

    I’ll tell you what placenta tastes like in November. I figure placenta would taste more metallic than and “organ-like” than human flesh though.

    Loving the blog!

  3. Lachlan permalink

    Its interesting, I had some gender equality musings a week or two ago (yes, I know, I have also had several since!), while at a forum on working with children and adolescents; in a room of, I estimate, 120 people, I was one of 3 males in the room, and Im not even working in children’s services. What does this mean for this service area when it is incredibly unlikely that a male will be involved in the care of a child?

  4. Random permalink

    Tut, tut. As a nurse I’m sure you’ll remember that fast and slow twitch fibres have different concentrations of numerous enzymes, red blood cells, etc., etc. and that therefore white and red meats taste very different. How could human flesh, a red meat, taste anything like chicken, a white meat? We humans move too much (believe it or not) to have white meat so we won’t be good for KFC anytime soon.

    Pork, perhaps. I’m thinking horse…

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